Saturday, 8 October 2011

Week 28 - Slates and course dates

We have (some) slates on the roof!
Our second hand delabole slates look fantastic, they are definitely the right choice! We opted for using slate hooks rather than copper nails- a good move! The hooks are very quick, very secure and given that the slates are second hand, many of the old nail holes are pretty big. Using the hooks has meant we don't need to worry about re-holing the slates or trying to make the old holes fit with the battens. The first bit of the roof has been slated in just a few days, and Ele, Elowen and Adeon have all helped to put them on. Progress has slowed though now we're having to cut slates for the hip.....
Several people have asked why we have opted for slates, rather than wooden shingles or shakes. The answer is quite simply that the slates will easily outlast me, and I did not fancy being up on the roof in my 80's replacing the shingles!
The delabole slate is also the local material, and it makes a beautiful roof.

We have also finally made the decision to clad most of the building rather than Lime render.
In speaking with many experts it seems that Lime on a very exposed site just isn't quite up to protecting the bales. Cladding over the top means the bales (which will still have a sealing coat of lime) will be that much more protected from the horizontal rain we have been known to get up here!
The upshot of this decision is that the exterior of the house structure needs to have a studwork frame to accommodate the wany larch boards.
The plan therefore is to 'wrap up' the entire building over the winter so floors, studwork and other processes can continue. Using the scaffolding that currently runs around the house, tarpaulins will be used to make a weatherproof cover. These are obviously going to have to be pretty well secured to stop them being blown away!

We have dates now for the courses next year.
Both courses - food provided and camping available.

Straw bale building
Led by: Friederike Fuchs from Stroh unlimited
Dates: 9th-13th April 2012
Cost: £300

Lime render and clay plaster
Led by: Katy Bryce and Adam Weismann from Clayworks
Dates: 4 days throughout May and June 2012
Cost: £100/day


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