Pentiddy Info

Pentiddy Woods 
Pentiddy Woods is a 27acre permaculture smallholding in Pensilva, Cornwall. Pentiddy was bought in 2001 most of the grazing land has been transformed to a coppice woodland of over 15,000 trees. It also has an allotment style food garden, polytunnel, wildlife pond and livestock which inlclude a small flock of hebridean sheep and some chickens. 

Pentiddy Natural Burials 
Pentiddy also hosts a natural burial site as part of the larger ecological project. If you would like more information please visit

The mobile home, showing solar water panels and the polytunnel. This is the site of the new house build.

The Build 
Building permission was granted in 2010 to build a round wood timber frame straw bale house with a slate roof. The resulting structure has been carefully designed to fit a family of four and minimise on inputs such as the need for electricity and large quantities of woodfuel for heating. By nature of the materials chosen, and the incorporation of an outdoor kitchen and living space, the house with celebrate nature instead of deny it, as is the case with most modern homes in the UK.  A whole array of wildlife is literally on their doorstep.
The building will be energy self-sufficient. It will include passive solar water heater, and photovoltaic panels, which will complement the existing wind generator. The composting toilet will be a short walk away.

The house will be finished in 2013 and will involve a range of skilled craftsmen, as well as short and long-term volunteers. It's testament to a community approach to building and to flexibility and experimentation!