Wednesday, 24 September 2014

It started before all the wood and straw

The housewarming last weekend was incredibly special and we're only sorry that we could not invite everyone. The following poem (assisted by the wonderful Dave!) is our tribute to all who have been involved.

Despite the things we didn’t know, we foolishly said “let’s give it a go.”
Way back before all the wood and the straw
With family and friends with us right from the start
We plotted and planned, and followed our hearts

Then came Pentiddy, the place of adventures
We had no idea then of where it would take us
Not grade A chestnut, but rather poor land
Even back then nothing went as we planned

From that point to here’s been a zig zaggy path
With up hills and down hills and one or two laughs
Elowen and Adeon both joined the team
And trees in their thousands took root like our dreams

And now we stand here thanks to help we’ve received
Without you our hopes for a house would be sunk
So thank you, and join us, be merry, get drunk

But before you get pissed,
here’s a list of the heroes who’ve helped on the way
From way back before the foundations were laid
Right through to today where we’ll sing dance and play

There were:

Researchers, designers, planners and bloggers
Diggers and drillers, millers and loggers
Jointers and slaters raisers and roofers
An endless succession of marvellous wwoofers

Spanish, Italians, French and the Germans
Scottish, American, Dutch and the Belgians
Mexican, Irish Australian, Canadians
All taking tales home of Pentiddy crazy ones

Plasterers and strippers some puddling clay
From the look on their face you’d know it’s not play
Short stayers, long timers, first timers too
Some of them even knew what they should do

The injured and pregnant, lathers and laughers
People who didn’t mind climbing on rafters
Or scaling great heights on the scaffolding poles
While ignoring the fact that the planks were quite old

The limers and rhymers and limers and limers
And limers and limers and limers and limers and...
Dave wrote this bit, poor chap’s still in care
On mention of lime gets a thousand yard stare

Neighbours and friends, our nearest and dearest
Crossword champions, conspiracy theorists
Chess players, jugglers, tea brewers and drinkers
Singers and dancers, doers and thinkers

Through times of great stress there were shoulders to cry on
When plans were a mess there were friends to rely on
Storm kettle lighters, cookers and chefs
And some with a tea towel to clear up the mess

Now time to get soppy, the bit we all hate
Thank you’s inadequate, for folks who’re so great
A party’s a start but not really enough
For all you good folk who’ve given so much

Your friendship, your love, support and much more
Means that today is the day we can open the doors
Of what we’ve created together right here
So it’s almost the time to raise up a beer

Through slipping time scales, and storm soggied bales
The good times and bad all flavour the tales
Of all of you friends who’ve been part of it all
The stories we’ve shared will live on in these walls

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