Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sealed up for the winter......

Thought I might just post this as an update....

It's not quite a 'spot the difference'- more a look at how close it is!!

So... South elevation is open to the elements, glass, cladding lime... all done!
...and hurrah again!

Ele and I have spent a few hours working on the house TOGETHER and applied some of the internal clay scratchcoat. All but two windows are in, and those should go in tomorrow, along with the main flue system and a temporary wood-burner to supply some ambient heating whilst the rest of the rendering, the wiring and plumbing take place over the winter.

Having said that, the house build is 'on hold' for a wee bit as we have several hundred metres of hedge to lay around the site here, which needs to be done by the end of the year to comply with the funding available for the process to happen. It will be nice to get back to hedge-laying- a task Ele and I used to do together professionally for the local council and the National Trust locally. It is even nicer to be doing it here, and also because it will be a nice change of focus for a while.

Ele has suggested that I post about things in the build process which have 'caught us out' as it may be helpful. I might try and tackle this in a separate post at a later date....

Thanks for reading.



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