Sunday, 30 September 2012

Internal render - muddy fun!

Forest School children enjoying clay
Internally our walls are having a clay render.

This is essentially just a clay soil, and depending which layer it is to be used for it may have sand and fibre mixed in too.
A purely clay soil slip is applied to the bales first, then a scratch coat of clay/sand and straw.
We wet sieved the clay, then puddled it (stomped around, danced, squished, etc.) in a pit and added loose cut straw as fibre.
Here are some pictures of the fun we had with the the forest school children......
Kerry Polka- Cornish Style

Ele and I also did a wee bit'o the kerry set polkas in the 'puddling pit'. It's been rather a long time since we tried dancing this- and we were not wearing wellies!
Internal Clay Scratch coat


Several other exciting bits of progress have happened here too.

We took delivery of the glass on Thursday, so we can start filling the frames, and we have started the top-coat of lime on the exposed rendered areas of the house.
I have had a request for an updated 'whole house' picture.....

Thanks for the feedback we've had, and as always it's really nice to get peoples opinions and ideas- please feel free to post a comment.

Oh, and the wind generator managed the first 12hrs or so of high wind before stopping again- but I WILL FIX IT!

Until my next post,


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